FAQs from the Removal Company: UK Mover

Posted on: 10/04/2020


There are a number of questions that we put in front of you in this blog. Our customers from all around the UK, and Europe want us to answer those questions. We try our best to give all possible answers to your questions.

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How many days before my move do I need to book my reservation?

We suggest you book your order before your moving dates so that you don't have to feel any kind of disappointment at the last moment.

It's always better to call us before making any move or when your solicitor calls you to discuss the completion dates so that we can make sure our availability on your desired dates.

We also return the percentage of the amount if you cancel your removal order before 24 hours of your move.


What about the Disassembling of my Furniture? Is it done by the movers or not?

We suggest you not to disassemble by yourself, if you want to disassemble by yourself then you are most welcome to do that.

But we let you know that there is no problem for us to take off your stress and carry out your task on your behalf. Try to place your furniture away from all other items so that it is easy for us to dismantle your furniture and note it down on the removal day.


Do I need to have a parking permit for the removal van?

A parking permit is not necessary but in many cases, a parking permit is required from the resident to park vehicles on the road. Make sure that you have plenty of empty parking areas outside your house. This parking area helps our movers to park their moving vans and unload the stuff out of them.

You can also contact your local police or council if there is a restriction then they will guide you about the further alternatives to unload your moving boxes.


How much time is required for the removal process?

Basically, the duration of the removal process is not fixed. It depends on the distance and also the size of your move. Mostly it is done in a couple of hours but in some cases, it takes days for the completion.

It also depends on how much time you take to get the keys to your new house. Sometimes there is an issue with the client on a moving day. So, be fully prepared and set all of your tasks before making a move.

Getting your new house keys as early as possible so that it can also save a few extra charges for you.


Do you offer Insurance? If yes, then how much?

Yes, we offer insurance to our clients for their belongings. The insurance amount depends on your moving belongings which are finalized at the start of your move with your agreement. For further details about insurance, you can contact our representative via email at info@ukmover.co.uk.


How long is the period of storage you offer?

There is no time limitation for storage. You can store your belongings from weeks to years in our removal containers. There is a special price set for the time period. UK Mover's removal containers are safe and you can store any kind of your belongings in them.


Is it possible to change the time period for my storage?

Of course, you can change the time period for the storage of your goods at any time. You are not bound by any type of contract. You can store it as long as you want to. We also encourage you to use our removal services for carrying out your goods.


How is the security of your storage services?

There are very strict SOPs to make sure your belongings are safe and secure. There is a special sensor alarm system is installed inside the storage area which is linked to a nearby police station.

There are also CCTV cameras installed everywhere around the storage area. So don’t worry, we offer you high security for the protection of your belongings.


Can I visit to see my belongings in your storeroom?

You are most welcome to come and visit anytime. We want to facilitate our customers as much as we can. Our customers are our priority. But we encourage you to notify us 48 hours before your arrival so that we can make all the necessary arrangements for you.


Do I need to pack my stuff by myself?

If you want to pack by yourself, you are most welcome to do that. We also help you with this. We provide you with the best packing material, moving boxes, moving tapes, and everything you need to pack your belongings.

You can also leave all this to us. Just make sure to tell us about that at the time of booking which services you need from us. Otherwise, you might get late at the last time and also the extra charges for the late move.

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