How to Arrange Parking for the Moving Day?

Posted on: 29/04/2020


London is very busy city and that's the reason London city is also very busy and crowded. It is very big challenge for anyone who wish to drive in the main city of London or around the city. You must have to keep sharp eye on the parking rule and regulation while driving and parking your vehicle in London city or anywhere in the UK.

Digital Parking Meters

Almost every road in the UK is loaded with automated parking meters. These meters allow you to park and the complete details of your vehicle are noted down in these automatic meters.
There are some meters placed alongside the road which require the payment to park your vehicle. Some are free of cost and you can park your vehicle anytime after evening or some weekends or any special occasions. Some use mobile payment methods that you have to activate and pay from your mobile phone. There is also a time span set with the meters which tells you the time of your parking in that specific area.

White P Parking Bays

There are some designated parking bays which are indicated by the white P and blue background. As London is very busy city so these parking bays are used for a specific and short period of time to reduce the traffic load from the roads and any kind of traffic problem.

But there are most of the parking points where you can park your vehicle anytime without any specific time. It is also very important to check whether there is any kind of indication or restriction on the signboard or not. Keep in mind that the blue badge parking bays are only assigned to the disabled persons and the one with blue badge holder vehicles.

Red Routed Parking

Red routed parking bays are only used in a specific period of time when there is no heavy traffic on the road. As the time for the heavy traffic varies from road to road. There are some red routed parking bays which are used in the morning and also in the early afternoon but some are used in the late afternoon or in the evening.

There are some cases where these red route parking bays are only used by the blue badge holders. If there is a white line inside the red routed bay then it means that you can use this parking area at any time of the day. These bays are specially used to park and load unload the heavy vehicle and also the moving vehicles when you move to the new house.

There are also the information written on the signboards about the timing of the parking and also the restrictions.

Restrictions and Fines

There are some areas where you have to pay fine if you park your vehicle outside the given parking time. As all the parking meters are automated then it is very difficult to ide your vehicle details.
You are also not allowed to park in the parking area which is only assigned and allocated for the blue badge holders. There are also some double red line roads where the parking is strictly not allowed. Parking on the zebra crossing is also considered as the criminal act.

There are very strict parking and traffic rules in London. You can not park your vehicle in the blue badge parking area without having a blue badge. If you did so then it is considered a criminal offense. You are also not allowed to park your vehicle in the place which is reserved for the loading unloading. If you boycott any rule or your vehicle parked in any parking area, not for you then you have to pay for it in terms of heavy fines.

Arrange Parking for the Moving Day

Moving day is considered a very tough day and you have to arrange all the necessary requirements before the moving day. If you are planning to move your home then it is very important for you to identify where is a suitable parking area near you. You can also check the information about the parking areas near your place from the borough’s council website. You must have to arrange the parking permit for your moving van.

If there is not any free parking bay near your place then you have to apply for the special permit to park your moving van on the red line parking area, otherwise, you have to charge for this.

The other best option to overcome your parking hassle is to choose a reputable and experienced moving company that is very well settled in the market and know the necessary parking details. Keep in mind that choosing the best removal company will help you to get rid of all the traffic and parking problems.

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