Famous Cities to Visit in the UK

Posted on: 15/04/2020


Famous Cities to Visit in the UK No doubt that London is a famous city and beautiful as well but there are many cities in the UK that are also very beautiful and cultural as well.

Most of the tourists miss visiting those beautiful cities in the UK, but thanks to UK Mover who uncover the amazing beauty of the UK in front of you.

I am currently living in London and this city is my home city but I have experienced living in other countries in the UK too. It was a great experience and today with the help of this blog, I am going to share my experience and uncover the hidden secrets and beauty of other cities of the UK.

So, let's start by the city


You all must hear about that city. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the famous city of Scotland too. Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the UK after London.

When you enter Edinburgh city, you realize how beautifully it is structured. The ancient building structure and design os preserved beautifully by the government and that is the reason why it is a very famous city in Scotland.

If you are interested in visiting the ancient culture then this city is going to be the best choice for you and believe me you love it when you visit the beautiful historic city.



The other famous city and you can call this city the sister city of Edinburgh. Very vibrant and very dense populated city. It is Scotland’s biggest city by population.

The beauty of the city is doubled by its shopping centers and also the nightlife of Glasgow. There are many places and structures that excite you very much. It is very worth to visit Glasgow city during your visit to the UK. Glasgow’s food is also very famous in the UK.



Another very famous city in the UK A huge number of visitors visit this city every year. The reason behind the popularity of this city is the Roman Bath. That is also the reason this city was named as Bath. the city is full of interesting historical facts.
You get a lot of information about Roman history in this city. If you never considered this city before in your visit list then you have to consider it now.



Obviously, everyone is pretty much known by this name. Oxford University is an ancient academic university and pretty much defines the city as well.

Also famous for the amazing architecture of the university and the documented history with detailed explanations. There is no long-distance journey between London and Oxford. So, if you are in London then you must have to visit Oxford and explore the history of Oxford.



Another famous city in the UK to visit. The famous Cambridge University well defines the city and is also the reason why this city is popular among visitors. Unlike Oxford, the university is spread in a small area and you can easily judge the city by the university's architecture. You can even visit the whole city by bicycle.

The stones used to build the university building are all from different areas because there is no stone available locally near Cambridge. That’s the reason you will find every building and college building with different colors.



You must be surprised that there is also a beach town in the UK. Brighton is famous for its fun lifestyle. The location of the city made Brighten famous among tourists.

There are different communities out there, huge shopping areas, music, culture, and many more to see in Brighton. It sounds annoying to you but Brighton is also known as the unofficial gay capital of the UK.

So, if you ever plan to visit the UK, do not forget to visit those cities. Or if you want to move to those cities with your family or with your belongings then do not forget to hire a professional moving company named UK Mover.

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