Buy a Property in London

Posted on: 13/04/2020


Due to the pandemic COVID-19, property sales in London, UK affected very badly. In this year 2020, there was a huge collapse in House sales. The pandemic COVID-19 badly affected the real estate business and agents.

But there is good news for the buyers who want to buy a property in London. According to the latest surveys, it came to know that the property rate decreased by 3 percent in February 2019. I hope this is good news for you if you plan to buy a property in London.

So, if you are going to buy a property or plan to buy a house in London then we will give you some kind of advice through which you can sell your property or buy a new property successfully.

So, the first thing to keep in mind is:

Sell your Property Before you Buy a Property

To get rid of any kind of problem, try to sell your property before buying. Just suppose that would you like to accept an offer from a person whose own property is for sale in the market. Of course not because you know what if his property sells.

Does he have enough resources to buy a new one? And a lot of questions arise in your mind. So, before buying a new property, try to sell your old property so that you can easily manage the liabilities and expenses on your new property.

You have to stay in contact with the real estate agents to find a suitable buyer for your property. If you have a buyer on your own or from nearby your area then it is very good for you to just sit at home and do your exchange without any property agent. In this way, you can save your agent commission too.

How many Numbers of Agents do you Use to Sell Your Property?

Selling a property is a very difficult task when you don't find a buyer with a reasonable and expected price rate. Most of the sellers contact the real estate agents in order to sell their property.

Real estate agents cut off their commission and sell your property at your desired rate. Sometimes you don't know the worth of your property and the agents might sell your property at higher rates because they are in the business and they know the market and business trends better than you.

Try to reach out to more than one real estate agent and ask them to make an estimate that shows you the worth of your property.

Keep in mind that don't put the boards of many real estate agents for your house. This has a bad impact on the buyer, the buyer must think that your property is overrated That is why you consult with many agents and there is still a For Sale title on it.

According to the Multi-Agency agreement, there is no issue for you to consult with multiple property agents for the sale of your property. The seller is only responsible for paying the commission to the agent who introduces the buyer and is also accepted by the seller for selling the property.

There are pros and cons of real estate agents and agencies. Some are sole agencies whose commission rate is a bit cheaper than others and the other is multi-agency. Try to select the right one by investigating otherwise you are stuck with them for the rest of your project and it becomes very difficult for you to come out.

While they are working on your project, let them do this on their toes. This will keep them honest with you. Sometimes you consult with the sole agent and that agent brings a buyer for your property and that buyer is going to pay you your asking price.

But your agent suggests you not sell your property to this buyer because this buyer has an incomplete chain and debt below them. This is good advice by your agent but if you don't value your agent and sell the property to the buyer then it might be a possibility that you get stuck with the payment. Some of the multi-agents don't suggest such advice they just have a concern with their commissions.

Prepare your Home for Viewing

Prepare your home well for the buyer who is coming to see your house. Keep in mind that the first impression is the last and the good impression of your house can earn money for you. So try to furnish your home well. Make sure all the things are properly at work.

Electricity boards, lights, and other kinds of related plumbing issues are fixed and there is no such type of thing that urges the buyer to step back.

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