How to pack for moving house UK Mover

Posted on: 06-11-2021


Usually, the time taken to pack the items is dependent on the number of items. In this blog, I will share packing tips and we advise that you should start the packing process before moving day. If you are a large house owner, you should start packing before 2 months if you will take packing time daily. One month is enough for smaller houses and flats. It is not an exact estimate but a rough idea.

Start with less used items and rooms:

You should start with rooms which are rarely used by family members. Start with the top floor and then come to the ground floor. The items that are occasionally used should be packed before anything else. Go through packed items so it is easier for you to take them with you.


You should not take extra items that are of no use to a new place in fact you can give unwanted items to charity. You can sell them on any website you want. If your friends or relatives are guiding you on moving day you can give them items as gifts. The friends are doing a favor to you so you should give them anything in return. You can get them something which they like to make them feel special.

Prepare inventory list:

You should make a detailed inventory list which is beneficial for a move. This process is essential if anyone has a huge variety of books and CDs. It is best for you to write books on box labels. Perhaps if anyone has a special literature collection that can not be fixed in one room, therefore, it is our recommendation to type the inventory list. In this way, spreadsheets can be uploaded on your phone and you can also print them.

Pack single room:

The most necessary packing tip that mostly gets ignored by everyone is to pack one room at a time. A continuous debate is going on about which is better whether to organize your belongings room-wise or category-wise. It varies from person to person which method is easier for him. Moreover, it is our suggestion to pack items room-wise. This will assist you in the well-organized move and you can tell the mover loader during unloading to put the box in the right place. The unloading and unpacking will suit the best reverse method from the top to the bottom floor. You should start with unpacked items and then move other boxes. This will help a client to ease stress and strain on muscles at the finish of the relocation process.

Don’t exaggerate the Limit of boxes:

The most important point is that does not exceed the limit of 30 pounds per box. If you are moving out of the country then there will be a lot of boxes you have to pack. You may face back injury pain and the box's weight is difficult to handle when you are moving them. Try to pack lightweight items in large boxes and heavy items in small-size boxes. The packing tip will ease your pain and will save time.