What you have to know Before Moving to LONDON

Posted on: 03-07-2020


London, one of the biggest metropolis of Europe, has been the prime destination for travelers and migrants across the globe. Apart from its cultural as well as professional diversity, the city is known for its huge urban economy and available business opportunities.

Though it is an exciting and comfortable place to settle in, relocating to the city is a very important decision and requires careful thinking and proper planning.
In addition to the visa, flight tickets, travel and health insurance, etc. the following arrangements need to be made before leaving your country.
No matter which part of the city you are moving to, you will be well connected by the public transport of buses and trains. The underground train system or The Tube can be tiring during rush hours but are much quicker than buses. For daily traveling, it is advisable to get a travel card or an oyster card on a monthly basis.

A UK bank account is a necessity while living in London as it is required for almost all daily activities like paying bills, getting a mobile phone or a car, and paying for rent or mortgages. If your bank has worldwide branches, you can open an account even before you move, else make arrangements with one of the British banks. The largest banks in the UK are HSBC, Barclays, Natwest Llyods and TSB.

The weather in London is unpredictable. London has No specific precise weather season. You can feel amazing sunshine, blustering winds, and drizzling rain – all in one afternoon! But Don't worry you can still enjoy the weather of London with the right clothes that suit the situational moments Before moving towards London don't forget to check London's Weather Conditions If you happen to live in central London, driving could be cumbersome as well as expensive as you will need to pay a congestion charge daily for driving during particular hours. Living in London is very different from living in your home country and thus you need to organize your move wisely to enjoy the beauty of this amazing city and to spend the most memorable time.