Top Packing Tips: Moving House

Posted on: 11/04/2020


As we know that the packing of our specialty items, glass and all the other kinds of fragile stuff is very important as well as complex tasks for house removal.

We must have to know that if we pack our moving boxes incorrectly, there is a chance of damage in spite of the fact that how well you protect it or handle it during your move. To help you with the packing of your specialty items, glass, and all other kinds of fragile stuff, we put together some top packing tips. We get these tips from our experience as we made thousand of successful house moves.

These tips are specially designed to make your house moving easy and stressfree.

Take your Time

Never try to pack in a hurry. Take your time to pack your fragile items. Give 30-40 minutes to each standard size moving box, so that your fragile items fix correctly in the moving box.

In a normal standard size of the house, you need 8-10 moving boxes to pack all of your fragile and glassware, china items into them. So, you need a day to pack all your fragile stuff carefully and correctly.


How to pack fragile items?

Always try to pack only the quality items into your moving box and discard the low-quality items. If you pack you low-quality glassware, china items or fragile items then there might be the possibility that they can not bear the weight of moving boxes and collapsed under the weight during the move.

Use cardboards to place between your glassware. Always use the printless wrapping paper to wrap on your glassware. From this your glasswares will not affected by the print of wrapping paper.

You can get all of your quality packing material from a professional moving company. You can get all necessary items like wrapping paper, wrapping tape, cardboard boxes, moving boxes, special TV boxes and many more from the moving company. You can consult with the moving company to get further details.

They will guide you about the amount of packing material you needed for your move.


Plates and Glasswares

When you start packing, try to pack your plates and glassware first. Use wrapping paper to wrap on your plates and glassware. Put cardboard between the plates and glassware items, so that they wouldn’t collapse under the weight.

Keep in mind that whenever you start packing, place the heavy items at the bottom and the lightweight items on the top of the box to reduce and overcome the damage.


Don't overfill Moving Boxes

The mistake that most of the peoples made when they are packing by themselves is that they overfill the moving boxes. Keep in mind that if you overfill the moving box, there is a chance that your moving box will damage with your precious stuff inside it also.

Always try to not fill the moving box completely.

Fill about ⅔ or ¾ of the box and fill the remaining with clothing, cushions or any kind of soft items.


Don't leave gaps inside the box

Try to pack your moving box completely. Ensure that there is no empty space or gap inside your box. If you leave the gap, then your stuff will move around the box and collapse with each other and you get nothing when you unpack that box.

So, carefully fill the bags completely with the soft items at the top. Don’t forget to wrap your moving box when finish packing.



Make sure to label the box correctly when finish packing. Label a box with a short description of what is inside that moving box.

It is also useful to label the moving boxes. It helps you in arranging of all your stuff. You can easily unpack your desired choice with the help of labeling.

If you think that this packing project is not for you or you cant do that. Then don’t forget to ask your removal company about their packing services.

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