Impact of Coronavirus on Business

Posted on: 17/03/2020


According to the research by, the leading online business directory shows that there are approximately 2.7 million registered businesses are working in the UK and this figure continues growing on day by day as every business is converted from manual to digital and try to capture a larger number of the audience not just from the nearby area but all around the world. As businesses grow very fast online with the help of social media and the internet but several businesses are affected very badly due to the newly growing epidemic COVID-19 also named as CoronaVirus.

What is COVID-19 or CORONAVirus?

These are the massive or cosmic family of viruses that leaves several ghostly diseases in the human body. It starts from cold fever, dry cough and breathing difficulties then damaging all inhaling systems of the body and afterwards it may cause any severe damage to kidney failure and even death of a human.
It can destroy the human respiratory system because this virus is new for the human body and a normal human being's immune system or the safeguard bacteria could not fight against it. As this is new for the human body so it is going to affect human beings.

Major signs of CoronaVirus

  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Cough

Sometimes the Infection Leads to Pneumonia

  • Kidney Failure
  • Death

How to stay protected from CoronaVirus?

The preventions include

  • Regularly hand washing
  • Wear a mask when going out
  • Wear a mask on mouth and nose
  • Cook the meat and eggs well
  • Cover yourself while coughing and sneezing(or from others)
  • Try to reduce or avoid closeness to a person facing such kind of problem or such symptoms

Countries affected by CoronaVirus

Coronavirus started spreading from China and now it covers the whole world. Every Part of the world leaving some small island where no transportation occurred during the last 30-40 days may suffer from this virus and a lot of deaths occurred too.
The latest stats show that 162 countries of the world are affected by the coronavirus and a total of 183,805 cases have been reported positive for coronavirus from which 7,178 people died and 79,911 were recovered.

Businesses Affected by CoronaVirus

From stores to big markets and restaurants and all the international and national companies all are affected by the coronavirus. Many factories are closed in China and also in other countries without mentioning the opening date and the transport restrictions that prevented many brands from visiting the factories. The staff who go for vacations to their homes are also unable to come back and the workers who are already working are also under the shutter.

Big Companies affected by CoronaVirus in the UK

No doubt the most famous company with many of its products you all know Unilever. Unilever handles the production and distribution of consumer goods of many kinds.


No doubt a famous multinational company you all know with 6,500 grocery stores over the world and serves millions of customers every week in stores and also online.

The famous company GlaxoSmithKline has 99,000 employees all over the world. GlaxoSmithKline is the first pharmaceutical group that made malaria vaccine in the form of RTS.S. GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical company.

With its 7 branches in Italy, France, UK, Poland, Singapore, Italy and Ireland, it operates with more than 33 million customers. It also sponsors a football club named Norwich City Football Club. It deals with health, life, and other general insurances.

Royal Dutch Shell commonly known as Shell is the top-ranked company in the UK. The company has businesses in more than 70 countries and hires 90,000 employees. This is the world top-ranked company and is also engaged with environmental activities among world organizations to find natural climate change solutions.
All the above-mentioned businesses are among the top businesses by revenue and they are all affected badly by the coronavirus and the shares in the stock market getting down and also they noticed that all of their employers work from home excluding Shell but with high care and precautions.

CoronaVirus Impacts on Local Businesses

Local businesses are also affected by the coronavirus just like international businesses and according to the survey, billions of local businesses exist online. Local businesses are disturbed by the transport restriction for the production material and the delivery issues have increased so much that in many places, there is a proper complete shutter down.

What you can do?
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