How to Move Piano

Posted on: 24/04/2020


If you are planning to move a piano to your new home or to the storage center for some time then we advised you to approach the UK Mover team. The team of the UK Mover is highly skilled and specialized in moving heavy and specialty items of your house to the destination.

Custom made crates are available with high-quality packing material to keep your items and especially the heavy instruments like piano safe and damage free in our climate-controlled storage environment. Make sure to consult with our consultants for moving piano and other musical instruments or specialty items.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Of course, you need a professional for your move especially when you are moving the piano. The piano is a bit heavy instrument and need extra care and skillful professional moving staff to move the piano to the destination.
So, you must have to hire expert movers who know how to move the piano without any damage or injury.
Despite being very heavy in weight, the piano also needs some extra care and protected high quality packing to make it safer to handle and move.
You don't only need to protect your piano from the outside packing material or wrapper because the heavy movement of piano and also the contact with any kind of heavy or light object will damage your piano strings.

Prepare before moving

It is advised for you to never move your piano by your self. You might be thinking that what if my piano has steel wheels. Even your piano has steel wheels, you are not supposed to move your move by your self.
The wheels of the piano are specially designed to move the piano a few inches on the plane surface. You are not allowed to move your piano from one room to another or to the new home by your self on wheels.
Before moving the piano, close the lids of your piano and lock it to protect your piano tiles and keys from any kind of damage during the move. You also need to wrap furniture foam or any kind of soft thing that prevents the piano from any kind of scratches during the move.
You can also consult with your mover for the packing if you don’t have any types of equipment or packing knowledge.

Piano Storing

Piano storing is another very important factor and you must have a little bit of knowledge about that. If you want to store your piano in any storage centre then make sure you choose the right storage company. Your piano needs extra care.

You can not place your piano under direct sunlight or near windows or any kind of humid place. Because the temperature change and the humidity can damage your piano soundboard. The soundboard of the piano swells or shrink that can affect the sound of the piano. Try to find the storage which is plane and also which is clean and with suitable temperature required for the storage of your piano.

Tuner consultancy

You need to call the tuner after your move because the keys of the piano shuffle from the place or might get loose during the move. If you keep your piano unused for the longer period in a storage room then you might have to call tuner to set the tunes to make your piano work well.

Find the Removal Experts

You need to find the removal experts for your piano move. You can find the qualified and experienced removals from the CheckReviews.

You can also call the different removals company and ask some of the important questions regarding your piano move.

How much experience you have in moving the piano?

Do you have the skilled team for moving specialty items?

Any kind of insurance?

Do you provide door to door service? This is very important if you don’t want to hire extra labor for your piano to move inside the house who is not experienced and can cause damage to your instrument.

How professional moving company works

UK Move is the best removal company among all house removal companies in London, UK. The skilled and the qualified staff is been working for decades and the moving team is highly experienced in moving specialty items like piano and all other kinds of musical instruments.

You don't have to worry about the piano keyboard. You relaxed and leave all to us. You also don't have to worry about the unpacking of the piano because when we deliver the piano into your new house. We unpack or unwrap the piano and set it for you as it was before.

You can also get the estimated cost for your piano move from the website. All you need to do is just fill the required fields about the item you want to move or any kind of extra service you needed for your move and hit submit.

You are welcome to Book your move any time. We are available for you 24/7.