Features of Luton vans

Posted on: 18/03/2020


If you are in the UK, Europe then you must know that the Luton van is the famous van used for moving in the UK. The reason for its popularity is its design and capacity. Either you have to move a business, musical store or home, Luton van is there for you with your move. Just stand outside on the road and wait for five minutes and you will see a Luton van because it fills up the roads of the UK everywhere.

You can load from 600 kg to 3000 kg of load. There is a huge variety present there to offer you the best services for your moving.

Size of Luton Van

Come with me to discover more about Luton van and the features of Luton Van.

Ford Transit Connect
This is 4.55 meters long with 1.80 meters of height.
This van is suitable for you if you are going to move with a small amount of load with you. It is specially designed to carry a load of 600 kg.
Ford Custom L1 H1
This is 4.90 meters long with a height of 1.98 meters.
This van is suitable for carrying a weight up to 900 kg. For example, if you want to move your home furniture or the office furniture to a new place then this van is very much suitable for you.

Ford Custom L2 H2 van
This van comes with 5.33 meters of length and 2.30 meters in height and very suitable for moving a house with heavy loads.
It can carry about 940 KG of the load.

Ford L3 H2 Van(LWB)
Ford L3 H2 van is 5.98 meters long and with 2.54 meters of height.
And it carries a load of about 1034 kg.

This jumbo van is 6.65 meters long and 2.77 high.
Mainly the big wardrobes can be easily adjusted inside that van for moving.
It carries a load of approximately 1350 kg.

Ford Transit Luton Box Van
As this van can hold a load of 1000 kg but with its vast area of 6.70-meter length and 3.30-meter height, it is very good for moving your lengthy stuff.

7.5 TONNE BOX Truck
This truck is 8.35 meters long with a height of 3.50 meters.
It can carry up to 2500 kg of the load inside it. Mainly used in moving businesses and heavy types of machinery.

3.5 Tonne Van
This 3.5 ton van is also come up with 8.35 meteres of length and 3.5 meters of height and a width of 2250 millimeter. This van is specially used in moving big homes and businesses. it carries a load of 3.5 ton.

7.5 Tonne Curtian Truck
This is also an 8.35 meters long truck with a height of 3.50 meters but with the capability of holding heavy loads inside it.
This truck can hold 3500 kg of the load inside it and it is mainly used for the automobiles companies or transferring vehicles can be easily done by this.

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