Action Plan : COVID-19 by UK Mover

Posted on: 25/03/2020


As you all know about the current world situation. Almost every country including the UK is seriously affected by the COVID-19. So, in this type of scenario, we are here to update our customers about the policies being made by the UK Mover. As our all the operations in the UK, Europ is also affected by COVID-19 and many other businesses. We are monitoring the condition closely and we make that policy in order to protect our customers and also our staff and everyone from the virus.

We are here to inform you all that we are still dealing with the moving services. If you plan to move in these circumstances then you can book your order online from our website. We are accepting new bookings but with more safety and measures. We will keep continuing the process of moving for our customers. We continuously notify our customers about the updates about the latest change in policies of UK Mover.

We also let you know that our customers can book their orders online and we will notify them about the latest updates.
Customers can also contact our service representative on the website with an emergency issue.

the core responsibility of UK Mover is to provide safety to our customers and staff during such kind of difficult situations. We also need your support in these conditions.

We also try to inform all our customers of the latest updates on the current situation.
We also issue health advice to UK Mover Staff.
We sent the details about the current issue via email or notice board posters and also on the company website.

Self Isolation

Self-isolation is advised to all of our employees for two weeks. Some of the employees are advised to stay at home to reduce the risk of infection and some are still present on the field and providing moving services.
Employees who can work from home and send their daily report to the company and ordered to work from their home during these days.

Cleaning Process

The company tries to increase its cleaning process in the workplace to keep the workplace disinfected from any kind of virus.

Travel to Other Countries

UK Mover also canceled all kinds of travel meetings and conferences to other countries.
Companies try to do essential conferences on video links because meeting with people and attending seminars are very dangerous for all of us. So be aware and be safe

Safety Measures

UK Mover is also taking safety measures prior to moving with a customer. This safety measure is held to check whether the customer is affected by any illness or not or if the customer made outside country travel or not.

If the company finds any symptoms of illness or travels to any country highly affected by the coronavirus then he is advised to complete the self-quarantine and then contact us back.

But in most cases, as the situation is getting worse day by day, We advised our customers to send a home survey video rather than doing a personal visit.
If the customer is not feeling well or wants to move later then it is possible to postpone your move because we also giving the opportunity of pre-booking or scheduled booking for your move. Postponements at ports and air terminals because of the burden of isolation or a nearby port rejecting passage will be imparted to UK Movers clients when the data is accessible. The UK Mover will accept ordinary persuasion from the World Health Organization and different industry relationships to guarantee its clients are fully informed regarding potential postponements and the extra costs delays at the port will bring back to them safely. We are observing the circumstances carefully and will refresh our reaction designs as occasions change throughout the pandemic.