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London, one of the biggest metropolis of Europe, has been the prime destination for travelers and migrants across the globe. Apart from its cultural as well as professional diversity, the city is known for its huge urban economy and available business opportunities. Though it is an exciting and comfortable place to settle in, relocating to the city is a very important decision and requires careful thinking and proper planning.

In addition to the visa, flight tickets, travel and health insurance etc. the following arrangements need to be done before leaving your country.

No matter which part of the city you are moving to, you will be well connected by the public transport of buses and trains. The underground train system or The Tube can be tiring during rush hours but are much quicker than buses. For daily travelling, it is advisable to get a travel card or an oyster card on a monthly basis.

A UK bank account is a necessity while living in London as it is required for almost all daily activities like paying bills, getting a mobile phone or a car, paying for rent or mortgages. If your bank has worldwide branches, you can open an account even before you move, else make arrangements with one of the British banks. The largest banks in UK are HSBC, Barclays, Natwest and Llyods, TSB.

If you happen to live in central London, driving could be cumbersome as well as expensive as you will need to pay a congestion charge daily for driving during particular hours. Living in London is very different from living in your home country and thus you need to organise your move wisely to enjoy the beauty of this amazing city and to spend most memorable time.

Posted on: 12 feb 2020

Signs That You Are Dealing With A Wrong Removals Company

Shifting from one place to another is not an easy task as it appears. It requires a lot of manual effort and can cost something between a few thousands or more. Without the right removals company, the entire experience becomes worst at the very least. However, without the right team in place, the worries keep on adding. However, These signs help you gauge if you have a perfect house moving company.

Every industry has specific laws and regulations, abiding by which ensures an effective and highly optimized process. The packers and movers industry do have the same too. The rules provide a smooth-shifting process within the stipulated time frame. However, unprofessional differ from the same. Either they do not know the basics of the same or are entirely unaware of the basics or have little knowledge on the same. Hiring such individuals can be a dangerous step in itself as you may end up breaking a ton of things in the process.

1- They are different from the basics.

2- They have no or less prior experience, totally unprofessionals.

3- They show up late or and not good in dealings.

Posted on: 11 feb 2020

Moving House An Easy Job

Its a pleasing experience when you move into new house as well as a new city or town. But the tasks involved in moving the stuff is a really big headache. You have to keep a lot of things in mind while moving house.

This process can include the packing of your belongings,stuffs and assets in a nice way so that you are able to move easily from one house to another. You will also have to pack them in such a way so that it will be possible to stack them upon each other easily.

1- For the safety of your belongings, it is necessary that you go in for a House Removals company. Companies like Ukmover are there to take the burden off your shoulders and at the same time they will help you in packing the stuff quickly and in a safe way.

2- If you are staying in London then the house House Removals Company UKMOVER London will be your best choice. This company will also offer you their services for unpacking, reassembling and dismantling service.

3- When you select UKMOVER, it is reliable, has enough experience and will guarantee you with their Service of a proper and safe delivery of your belongings.

Posted on: 22 Dec 2019


Household inventory list is a important part which includes a detailed description and photos may included of your personal Stuff in your house. It is a key document point when making an insurance claim or other isues.

It is important to determine the value of all of your personal belongings,stuffs and assets in case of a serious damage. Insurance companies require a detailed report of all of the items that have been damaged or losted in order to be able to claim the losses back. This help them to Calculate the value of the belongings that have been damaged or affected so that they can facilitate you. Some times, most of the insurance companies will ask you to provide a proof of ownership. So it is important to keep hold of any receipts or Household inventory list.

Posted on: 23 Dec 2019


Moving heavy items isn't a simple Task, precautions must be taken into consideration to avoid that unwanted situation to be experienced. It is essential to know some safety tips when lifting, especially heavy items. Mostly, injuries occur due to poor moving techniques. That's why precautionary tips will be very beneficial.

1- The use of plastic sheeting or simple sheeting is necessary it should be placed under the heavy items. It’s an excellent way of moving items for dragging furniture or appliances with minimal resistance like plastic on the carpet flooring can actually make the work much lighter.

2- Bending the back properly to lift heavy items is a very important.Lifting from the knees is always the best method of lifting for objects are heavier than what they appear to be, and incorrect movement without weight will cause injury.

3- Wear shoes or firm waterproof boots, its an excellent precaution when lifting heavy items. Slipping over is just one of the many dangerous reality of moving furniture. So, it is essential to protect the feet with shoes or firm waterproof boots for breaking a foot or a toe.

4- Keep the Pets and children away from the areas. A pet of a child can be disaster anytime. Moving and lifting heavy items when moving is a very serious business most especially if something goes wrong.

Posted on: 26 Dec 2019


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While selecting any specific moving company, it would be desirable, checking all opinions. Best is to choose the company that provides such services for some time i means that this company have experience. You should also ask your friends about their experiences with companies organizing the move may also check customers reviews on . UKMOVER LTD is getting over 55% customers by recommendation Significant support also provides the Internet. Just a little look and you can compare prices and standard. At UKMOVER LTD we provide lowest prices at highest standard. Comparing our prices to other removals companies you can save up to 40-50% or sometime more. If you do not believe compare our prices to our competitors.

Posted on: 28 Dec 2019